We have finally come to the end of the journey that has taken us to Miami, Florence and most important, Seaside Heights. I wish I had a little more enthusiasm for the end of the show, but I was disappointed that this summer at the shore house lacked excitement and drama. Let’s see if the finale left a good taste in my mouth. The camp crew returns to the house to find out that Vinny and Pauly have rearranged the entire house. Mike, of course, whines like a baby because his Ed Hardy T-shirt collection was mishandled. He left his things outside to get wet while everyone else brought their things back in. I enjoyed Snooki ‘s new name for him: “The Bitchuation. Deena’s sister and Mike’s brother are still dating. Mike found out a dirty little secret about their relationship — and it involves inappropriate moisture.

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The fight between Ronnie and The Situation takes a curious turn, and J-Woww does her best to make peace in the house. It has always seemed somewhat self-evident that The Situation is the ultimate villain of Jersey Shore. He is famously incapable of taking responsibility for his actions. He has staged so many robberies on Vinny that poor Vin-Vin seems to have simply given up on bringing girls home.

All of the women in the house are fundamentally warriors, ready to fight in defense of their own principles. Ronnie is a barbarian who hates himself but can only express that hatred with his fists.

The Untold Truth Of Mike Sorrentino’s Wife- Lauren Pesce. by Kate Mike also starred in other shows such as New Stars and Celebrity Big Brother. There was a brief period on the show that Mike almost got a girlfriend.

Who knows if we’ll get another season of Jersey Shore? With the news of Snooki’s pregnancy , it feels like this might be the last time we see the group together on screen The finale had a bit of everything – pranks, a tornado, sex, rumours and emotional farewells. Not a bad way to go out, in other words! The show begins with the campers returning All the stuff from their bedrooms is on the roof, but while most of them take it well, Mike is fuming.

He’s so furious, in fact, that he even refuses to bring his stuff in when it looks like it’s about to rain. It’s a proper tantrum “He’s being stubborn and crying,” says Ronnie , but Mike explains: “I didn’t bring my stuff outside, I’m not bringing it in. The others are pretty unimpressed with Mike’s little sulk “the prank happened to everyone in the fricking house,” Sammi points out , but eventually to keep the peace they help him bring everything back in.

But Mike’s causing his fair share of trouble too. His brother Frank’s dating Deena’s sister Joanie “I want to cry,” Deena admits , and he’s heard the gossip – Joanie has a “special talent” in bed really, I’m not going to explain this any further on a family website.

Jersey Shore: Vinny romps in bed with TWO lesbians in explosive season finale

Then and Now. During the episode, Maximo out he wanted his brothers to understand him and give out the respect he feels he deserves. Speaking to that point, Mike told E!

The Situation Might Actually Have A Mental Problem He makes a call to his brother, who is dating Deena’s sister, and gets some After stumbling home and passing out for a few hours, Snooki wakes up still drunk. She tries.

Roger is dead to me. There is something heart-rending about seeing such an Amazon break down. Just me then? The point is, if Jenni loses faith, the moral center of the show cannot hold. After running into the boys at the gym, Roger puts a nail in his own coffin Roger Coffins! Now with more shoulder room! Jenni eventually calls and apologizes for being angry, as one does a thousand times during every relationship, but Roger has built up a good head of steam in the meantime.

Here’s the Reason Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino and His Brother Frank (Aka Maximo) Are Feuding

Life can get difficult sometimes and, in those times, you need someone who loves you to support you and to see you through. For Mike Sorrentino, that person is Lauren Pesce. Mike Sorrentino made a name for himself when he starred in the reality show Jersey Shore. He was a wild character on the show and, this gave him a lot of fans and a lot of money. The show gave him his nickname, The Situation.

The Situation was the only person that was legitimately pissed. It was going Mike’s brother, Frank, and Deena’s sister, Joanie, are still dating.

Would you like to view this in our German edition? Local police arrived around 2 p. By now, we all know that ” Jersey Shore ” cast member Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino has checked into rehab, reportedly at Cirque Lodge in Utah to treat his addiction to prescription medication. Check out the hottest fashion, photos, movies and TV shows! Please see above entry She’ll be a 7 in no time Duke of Edinburgh, 97, is ‘conscious but very shocked and shaken’ with Queen at his side after crashing his Land Rover near the Sandringham Estate and rolling it over on side of road Great danger:.

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And while Marc Sorrentino seemed to possibly have an issue with Maximo’s revelation, calling his brother a “frail male,” Mike told E! News he has no problem with his brother’s sexuality. I celebrated the first minute that it happened.

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Remember Me. The roommates got back from camping to find the house turned inside out by Vinny and Pauly. Everybody was shocked, but still thought it was a hilarious prank. The Situation was the only person that was legitimately pissed.

Deena’s sister and Mike’s brother are still dating. Mike found out a dirty little secret about their relationship — and it involves inappropriate.

The Summer is over at Seaside Heights!! The house is inside out literally , the girls try to prank the boys but it ends up backfiring, and Mike is starting problems with Deena over her sister and his brother hooking up… perfect ending to another great season! Family will always be family. Until next time…. Mike told Jionni… and… nothing. Jionni is very trusting of his now soon-to-be wife.

She exploded and a full on food fight erupted. Could it be guilty anger?? Deena seems to have been pushed to the side now that Jionni is in the picture and Deena is starting to feel the pain of rejection.

‘Jersey Shore’ Recap: Gloom and Doom

Oh, man, Jersey Shore. What to say? Alas, other housemates took the prank pretty well. He actually goes upstairs to just sit with his stuff in the rain, like the captain of a ship peopled by disgusting sneakers. No, really, her delivery is nice here.

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Another Thursday night viewing of Jersey Shore, another Friday morning with a stupidity hangover. However, our psyche is in slightly better shape than usual this week, mostly because we only had to endure bleeped out words, not any fuzzed out genitals. This week, Snooki told us something we never knew about Arkansas; Deena demonstrated her vast knowledge of animals and cliches; Vinny gave us some great ideas for our next game of hide and seek; Pauly got a new stalker and Jenni sulked some more over not being able to see Roger.

And, some things never change: The Situation wallowed in self-pity and devious plans, while Ronnie and Sammi might as well go on an extended trip for as often as we actually see them. So, same stuff, different day We beg to differ because we haven’t seen your vagina all night It’s always dark, always.

Or in Alaska certain times of year. But we can see how she’d get those confused, being that they’re so close and all We get that feeling every Thursday night around 10 p. Please see above entry

What did Mike say about Deena’s sister on Jersey Shore?

Jersey Shore made its triumphant return to MTV six years after the final season aired in A lot has changed since the housemates put a horrifying dent in New Jersey’s alcohol reserves and were basically run out of Seaside Heights by angry state officials. One thing hasn’t changed? They’re still unapologetically themselves.

Jersey Shore is surprisingly true-to-form as far as MTV reality shows go. Bizarrely enough, the cast actually does adore each other in real life name one other show where a randomly assembled cast considers their housemates family.

Contribute to This Page; Share this article; Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino Sounds Off on His Brother Coming Out as Gay: “I Celebrated!” Maximo Gianfranco.

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